What is the difference between CBD oil and Cannabis Oil?

CBD Oil / Cannabis Oil

What is the difference between CBD oil and Cannabis Oil?

CBD oil and cannabis oil is becoming popular due to the many health benefits they offer. Many people ask, what is the difference between CBD oil and cannabis oil? Well, you’re about to find out.

CBD Oil – the basics

CBD oil is sometimes called ‘hemp oil’ and has trace elements (or none) of THC. THC is the principal psychoactive aspect of cannabis. It is essentially the bit that ‘gets you high’. In Europe, CBD oil can also be legally sold over the counter because it is not considered ‘prescription’ medication. It is classed as a dietary supplement. It has less than 0.2% THC so you cannot get ‘high’ from it.

CBD oil has a number of stated health benefits which we will cover later.

Cannabis Oil – the basics

Cannabis oil contains THC so it contains the benefits of CBD oil but also has the calming and relaxing effects associated with cannabis. The levels of THC determine the overall strength of the oil. You can get ‘high’ from cannabis oil (sometimes called 100% cannabis oil) depending on the strength of the oil. Cannabis oil is essentially the ‘juice’ from marijuana that gets you high.

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Difference between oils in Europe and the US

In Europe, cannabis oil is considered a “narcotic product”. Cannabis oil contains different levels of THC depending on the brand and manufacturer. Oil products in Europe that are labelled as “hemp” or “CBD” oil are usually made from industrial hemp which we will discuss later. These products also tend to have a higher CBD content than “hemp oil” products made in the United States or elsewhere.

There are many health and medicinal benefits to using cannabinoids. Two of the main cannabinoids are cannabis oil and CBD oil. While they sound very similar, their medicinal properties are very different.

What are the main differences between CBD and THC oil?


The main selling point of CBD oil is that it doesn’t contain significant amounts of THC. Instead, it has a high CBD content. CBD oil is normally produced from industrial hemp. Hemp is bred to be highly fibrous for industrial use (such as rope and cloth) and contains minimal THC to comply with the law. Cannabis is bred mainly for people to consume and ‘get high’ on a recreational basis.

There are two main types of CBD oils, black, and gold. Black CBD oils are extracted with very little processing, and although cheaper, it contains more impurities reducing the medicinal benefits of CBD.

Golden CBD oils use a far more advanced extraction process which separates all of the compounds in the plant. This makes the oil more expensive but much more beneficial. It also goes through a process of full decarboxylation which turns the inactive CBD into a more active CBD which improves flavor and health benefits.

Some of the potential medicinal properties of CBD oil include;

* Relief from pain, chronic pain and inflammation
* Promotes cardiovascular health
* Relieves nausea
* Reduces anxiety
* Treats seizures and neurological disorders
* Fibromyalgia (full body pain / fatigue)
* Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
* Crohn’s disease
* Multiple Sclerosis
* Insomnia

CBD oil does contain trace amounts of THC but not enough to be considered psychoactive. For this reason it is a legal substance almost everywhere in the world and can easily be purchased online.

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Cannabis Oil (100% cannabis oil)

Cannabis oil is basically the same as CBD oil, except the oil is made from marijuana strains with a high THC content. Cannabis oil itself often contains between 50–80% THC which makes this oil potent.

THC is probably the most commonly known cannabinoid in cannabis oil and is widely known for it’s psychoactive effects. THC helps to regulate many of our bodily functions, autoimmune responses, and homeostasis.

Because cannabis oil is becoming the most popular oil, we will go into more detail about the benefits.

Stress & General Anxiety: Cannabis oil is mainly used for this purpose alone. Several natural compounds responsible for releasing pleasure hormones such as THC help reduce stress and brings on a calming sense of relaxation. Cannabis is well known for its relaxing effects.

Insomnia and inducing sleep: Cannabis oil is perfect for those suffering from insomnia or having trouble sleeping in general. It relaxes the body and the mind and brings down the body to a low-energy level helping to induce sleep.

Increased Appetite: Cannabis is well known to increase appetite. It also stimulates the digestive system and trains it to work at a more balanced level. This is particularly helpful for people who want to gain weight.

Pain Relief: Cannabis offers great pain relief and performs well for people suffering from chronic pain or inflammation. It has also been used for people undergoing cancer treatment.

Prevention and treatment of Cancer: Although not yet medically proven, it is believed that cannabis oil’s active ingredients help fight tumors in cancer patients and even reduces their size. The benefits for cancer patients are gradually being accepted and even recommended to patients by medical professionals.

The Heart: The Cannabis oil’s active components help balance out the negative oils in our body fluids and can help get rid of cholesterol, thus improving the overall health of the heart and the cardiovascular system.

Skin Health: Cannabis oil protects and also nourishes the skin. For this purpose, it may be consumed internally or applied externally to get desired results. It makes the skin soft to touch and may help with signs of aging. It has also been suggested to prevent eczema and psoriasis.

Consuming cannabis oil

Do not use cannabis oil while pregnant as some research suggests that using cannabis while pregnant can cause problems with childbirth such as the baby being born at a low weight. In these situations, it is best to play safe.

Cannabis oil is also an ideal recreational alternative to smoking cannabis. By using oil, you remove the need to smoke it and the carcinogen health risks smoking has. It’s an easy and safe way to consume cannabis.

You can easily add the concentrate to food and drink or consume it on its own. If you choose this method, it means you have one of, if not the purest combination of THC and CBD available – which doubles up as a potent medicine.

It is important to bear in mind that although cannabis is becoming legal in many states of America and across the world, it is still very difficult if not impossible to attain certified and medically approved cannabis oil. Therefore you can never be sure of its exact purity or what’s in it unless you get it lab tested.

Those are the main differences between CBD and cannabis oil. Remember, always seek professional medical advice before you consume any type of substance.

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