What is the best brand of CBD oil?

CBD oil by Cibdol

What is the best brand of CBD oil?

Why Cibdol CBD oil is one of the leading brands…

Cibdol CBD OilCBD oil is getting really popular and is even being sold in the UK high street now. Holland and Barrett have reported massive demand for CBD oil within months of launching their Jacob Hooy CBD oil.

Many people are new to CBD oil and are confused by the various differences in brands. We have tried many brands of CBD oil but there is one that stands heads and shoulders above the others. That CBD oil brand is Cibdol.

Who is Cibdol?

Cibdol is one of the world’s leading CBD companies. Cibdol was one of the first on the CBD oil market producing high quality CBD oils and products. Cibdol keeps innovating CBD products and pushing the boundaries of CBD products forward.

Cibdol CBD oils are made in Swiss laboratories, where they take every measure possible to ensure precision in their results and transparency in our process.

Cibdol designed and apply the “Swiss Approach”, which lauds innovative scientific methods and the finest finished products, all the while following regulations.

Why is Cibdol CBD oil so good?

Cibdol is one of the leading CBD oil producers in the world. They produce a refined oil which is great tasting, has been thoroughly tested and is produced in some of the leading laboratories in the world.

Here are a few reasons why Cibdol makes the best CBD oil.

Every batch of CBD oil is tested

Most CBD oil producers test their CBD oils one every year or so. Some companies do not test their oils at all. It is very important that your oil is tested so you know exactly what you are getting in terms of CBD dosage. Different crops of hemp will yield different levels of CBD content based on weather conditions, soil nutrients, and seed quality etc. Cibdol test every batch of CBD oil produced so not only is there a full audit trail of where your CBD oil originated from but also what levels of CBD your oil contains.

Hemp is grown in regulated farms

hemp grown in regulated farmsBiologically, Industrial hemp is no different from cannabis (expect industrial hemp has a much lower THC level). Cannabis is basically a weed that will thrive in the correct conditions. It is biologically, a very efficient plant and will absorb nutrients from the soil. It is very important, for that very reason, that the soils that hemp is grown in contain no pesticides or contaminants. Cibdol CBD oil is grown in the EU which is heavily regulated and is pesticide and contaminant free. When you use Cibdol products, you can be sure that the hemp is sourced from reputable farms.

Cibdol CBD oil is triple filtered

CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant. The cannabinoids are extracted into a liquid form. Most companies extract the cannabinoids and leave it at that. Cibdol actually look at refining and filtering their CBD oil and removing any unnecessary elements such as chlorophyll, waxes and impurities. This means that their CBD oil is a golden colour which is the sign of a quality CBD oil. Generally, the darker the liquid, the more impure the oil. Impure CBD oil tastes bitter and generally unpalatable. Cibdol’s golden oil is purer and much smoother tasting.

Cibdol offers a true full spectrum CBD oil

When CBD oil is produced, cannabinoids are extracted in various quantities from the hemp. Cibdol maximize the number of cannabinoids that are extracted and also extract terpene from the hemp plant. This means that you get more beneficial cannabinoids than most cbd producers.

Also, Cibdol actually activate normally inactive cannabinoids by heating them up during the production process. This is called the Entourage Effect. The Entourage Effect helps increase the overall impact of the CBD oil by increasing the numbers of beneficial cannabinoids. By activating more cannabinoids, the cbd oil become stronger and more beneficial to use.

Where can you buy Cibdol CBD oil from?

Cibdol can be purchased from a number of retailers. It can be purchased from the Cibdol website itself but you may get your CBD oil held up or in some cases confiscated by customs, or, from a dedictaed CBD oil retailer such as nHance Life.

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