How To Make Medical Cannabis Oil

How to make cannabis oil

How To Make Medical Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is a great supplement and there is evidence to suggest that it can help aid symptoms of illnesses including Alzheimer’s Disease, cancers, chronic pain, Crohn’s disease and multiple sclerosis. Here is a simple guide on how to make cannabis oil for medicinal purposes.

What is medical cannabis oil?

Cannabis oil is a highly concentrated extract of THC from the cannabis plant. This extract is medicinal cannabis oil which many patients have reported to be successful in treating cancer, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and many other difficult to treat medical conditions. This type of cannabis oil is often consumed via a syringe applicator or through self-filled cannabis capsules.

There is a difference between CBD oil and cannabis oil. This is important to know.

What is the difference between CBD oil and cannabis oil

Prepare your working area

Making cannabis oil is straightforward and easy as long as you are well prepared and carefully. Remember, you are using heat and a flammable substance so care and attention is required.

When you look at preparing your own cannabis oil indoors, you need to ensure that you have a well ventilated, clean workspace. It’s going to be very important to keep everything nice and clean so clean up your area before you start. You don’t want a build up of any gasses so a fan or open window is important.

You can, of course, prepare this outside which means build up of gasses is less likely.

Preparing the materials

In order to prepare medical cannabis oil, you will need approx 1 ounce of marijuana and an alcohol solvent that is intended for human consumption (not rubbing alcohol).

The high proof alcohol will burn off during the processing leaving you with a potent form of cannabis oil.

What tools you will require

You will need the following tools to make you cannabis oil

  • 1 medium sized glass or ceramic mixing bowl. DO NOT use a plastic mixing bowl.
  • 1 large wooden spoon
  • A straining device. You may choose from the following: muslin bag, grain steeping bag, clean pair of stockings, cheese cloth, chai tea filter, or coffee filter paired with a mesh strainer.
  • 1 container to catch the liquid, such as a small mixing cup
  • 1 silicon spatula
  • 1 double boiler
  • Plastic oral syringes

How to extract your cannabis oil

We will be using high-proof alcohol as a solvent eliminates any potential carcinogens. The alcohol completely burns off in the cooking process. The result is pure, concentrated cannabis oil.

Place your marijuana in your mixing bowl. Pour your alcohol solvent over the marijuana until it is submerged up to about one inch. What we will be looking to do is infuse the cannabis into the alcohol just like making tea.

Then, mix and crush the marijuana with the solvent for a few minutes. The constant movement of the solvent against the marijuana will help extract the THC from the marijuana infuse into the solvent.

The liquid should start to turn dark green as it takes on the THC.

Get your second capture container and your straining device (ensuring that there will be enough material to grab and squeeze the strained materials again) and pour the liquid into the new container through the strainer.

The end result is a new container with the liquid mixture of cannabis oils and solvent.

The first bowl you used will be empty again so what we will do is repeat the process but with the strained marijuana to squeeze out the rest of the cannabis oil. The first run will have extracted approximately 70-80% of the cannabis oil and the second should extract the remaining oils.

Again, pour alcohol over the strained marijuana (you shouldn’t need as much this second time round) and repeat the exact same process. Pour the strain the mixture of cannabis oil and alcohol into your capture container.

How to process your cannabis oil

Now we have a mixture of alcohol and cannabis oil. Next job is to burn off the alcohol and leave us with just cannabis oil. The safest method is to use a double boiler. That is what we will use. It’s important to remember that we need lots of ventilation now. Open windows and air moving around.

Processing cannabis oil using a double burner

Fill the bottom part of your double boiler with water, ensuring you have enough so that it won’t boil dry. Then, in the top pan, pour the green cannabis oil mixture. If it won’t all fit then you can slowly add more as the alcohol burns off.

Turn the heat up on the bottom pan until the top pan starts to boil. It is important to keep your eye on your pan here because as soon as the top pan boils, you need to turn the heat off.

The heat from the bottom pan will continue to burn off the top pan. Leave this for 15-20 minutes and if the cannabis oil liquid is not bubbling, reheat the bottom pan for a few more minutes and turn off again.

As soon as the liquid in the top pan is a thick, dark syrup, you have your cannabis oil. Once you allow it to cool, it will start to thicken even more.

Storing the cannabis oil

Let your cannabis oil to cool down and then start to fill up your syringes. You can store your cannabis oil in these syringes for months. Keep them in a cool, dark cupboard. There is no need to put them in the fridge.

If you have any feedback then please leave us a comment. Enjoy your cannabis oil production

Additional information

Cannabis Oil is said to help symptoms of the following illnesses;

Alzheimer’s Disease – The evidence is strong that regular, moderate use of cannabis helps to delay the onset and progression of Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative conditions.

Cancer – On balance, while there is excellent evidence of anti cancer properties in vitro (human cell lines) and in vivo (animal) studies, there is little evidence of actual results in humans except in the treatment of basal cell carcinoma. However, few would disagree that the palliative value of cannabis is of great benefit to many cancer patients.

Chronic Pain – There is a large quantity of good quality evidence, including clinical trials with placebo controls, that demonstrate the efficacy and safety of cannabis in treating chronic pain.

Chron’s disease – Recent clinical trials have produced dramatic results with 50% of Crohn’s patients achieving complete remission and over 90% achieving substantial improvement. The evidence for the use of cannabis in Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis and other forms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is conclusive.

Multiple Sclerosis – There is a clear consensus amongst scientists and doctors that cannabis is safe and effective as a palliative treatment for MS. Further promising research is underway into whether cannabis may have a curative effect by promoting repair of the myelin sheath

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