How to grow marijuana seedlings

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Growing marijuana is easy as long as you follow the basics. The number of expensive seeds I’ve gone through by not following the basics is insane. Follow my advice here and save yourself time and money. Here is how to grow marijuana seedlings from scratch.

Selecting the best marijuana seeds

I start by selecting some good marijuana seeds to grow. You are looking for dark colored seeds with a strong tortoise pattern on the shell. The seeds should be hard and firm and not easily squashed. I normally end up buying feminized seeds and then cloning the plants after a month or so.

Kickstart the germination process

Once the seeds are selected, I soak them overnight in a glass of water. After a few hours soaking in the water, you can normally just tap the seeds and make them sink to the bottom of the glass. This starts to tell the seeds that it’s time for them to wake up and start getting ready to grow.

Starting the germination process

The next morning, you should see the start of the white taproot starting to break through the seed shell. Now it’s time to start growing the taproot so we can plant the marijuana seedlings.

Start off by getting two plates of similar sizes. What we are going to do is create a ‘ufo saucer’ so these two plates need to fit on top of each other. This will allow the marijuana to remain warm, moist and dark.

How to germinate marijuana seeds using paper towels

Germinate Marijuana Seeds

How to germinate marijuana seeds

How to germinate marijuana seeds





Planting the marijuana seedlings

how to germinate your marijuana seeds

Once the taproot is between 10mm / 14mm then you are ready to plant into your soil. This normally takes a couple of days in the paper towels. You need to ensure that the paper towels are moist and not soaking wet and that they don’t dry out. I normally check them every eight hours or so.

Once your taproot is long enough, its time to get planting!

Don’t kill your seedlings with kindness

Planting marijuana seedlingsOne of the dangers when you first start growing marijuana is to kill your new seedlings with kindness. It is really easy at this stage to show your seedlings too much attention and love and kill them before they have a chance to grow.

One danger is overwatering your marijuana seedlings. It’s important that you use a small pot which makes it harder to overwater. I use seed pots which are made from a type of cardboard which absorbs the water if I add too much. It stops the roots from rotting in the case of too much water.

Another danger is too much light too soon. This sounds counter-intuitive. I have burnt out many seedlings at this stage by putting them under grow lights too early.

CFL lights are great for the marijuana seedling stage

Growing marijuana seeds with CFL lightThis stage is important. Your marijuana seedlings need to grow so that they can start to get water and nutrients from the soil but they are quite vulnerable as the root and leaf system are not formed yet. I have found the best environment is not outdoors (in the UK at least) but indoors under a basic CFL light.

I just get a basic cardboard box and place some kitchen foil in there to help reflect the light around the space. I then put a little cutaway in the box and rest my desktop lamp inside the box and cover with a kitchen foil roof. I have found that this solution gives enough light and warmth to the seedlings without them getting too hot and dry like they do under grow lights. The light given off by the CFL bulb is not too aggressive and is much easier for those just starting out growing marijuana indoors.

CFL lights to start your seedlings

CFL lights are great for the beginning stages of your marijuana project because they are cheap and can be obtained anywhere. When your seedlings start to grow you will need to increase the light output and start to look at buying LED grow lights. However, CFL lights are a great light to start your seeds to seedlings.

Happy growing people 🙂


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I first got into LED grow lights when a close friend started suffering from multiple sclerosis and needed medicinal solutions to help manage their condition.

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