CBD oil for back pain

CBD for back pain

How CBD oil can help with back pain

Back pain is a big issue for many people. The treatments for pain are simple at best. Much of the medication is for the treatment of pain but this only masks the problem and does not deal with the underlying problem. Medicine is very tactical and not strategic. It only masks the pain but does not deal with the root cause.

Also, some of the medication you are prescribed for one issue can cause other new issues with different areas of your body. This means you fix one area only to get problems elsewhere.

Back surgery can lead to other problems

In many cases, people with back pain start to seek out surgery when the medication ceases to be effective which can be costly and dangerous. Back surgery should always be avoided as it can lead to further complications. Any surgery carries risk but operations on your back are particularly risky.

CBD oil is an effective and non-intrusive treatment for back pain. It has natural anti-inflammatory properties which make it perfect for the management of pain.

What is the main cause of back pain?

The spine is made up of a series of discs which are made up of cartilage. This cartilage is designed to ensure that the shock of walking, running and general movement doesn’t wear out the bones. As you age, this cartilage starts to decay naturally. This can cause back pain in your spine. Back pain can have a debilitating effect and really affect the quality of life.

The decay of your cartilage is normally caused by a number of factors including a lack of oxygen, a lack of hydration, a poor diet and micro inflammation.

There are millions of people living with back pain. Generally, they are prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve pain. These drugs are also known as NSAIDS. You will know these drugs as they include drugs such as ibuprofen and valium which helps your muscles relax. Ibuprofen is considered one of the best remedies for back pain even though it can cause stomach ulcers, constipation, and other gastro disorders. So, the small fixes you take for pain relief can lead to much bigger problems down the line.

CBD oil for back pain

As recently as March 2015 researchers discovered a connection between cannabinoids (CBD) and pain relief. In the study, three different amounts of CBD oil was tested on lab mice all of which had a condition similar to back pain. After they were given the CBD oil at various levels, each mouse had an MRI scan to determine damage to their bodies.

The mice that had smaller doses of CBD oil showed very little change. The mice that were given larger doses of CBD oil actually showed decreased skeletal damage.

These led to the hypothesis that higher levels of CBD oil offer anti-degenerative effects on the body. Studies on animals are often the precursor to clinical tests on humans. As a result of this study, scientists concluded that CBD oil could be used in the treatment of the cartilage dies and reduce back pain.

How one lady got back pain relief from CBD oil

We recently heard from a lady who was performing heavy lifting as part of her job. As expected, she started to experience back pain. She actually had to quit work. She was prescribed heavy pain relief which resulted in her feeling sleepy and drowsy and although the pain resided, her standard of living decreased.

These pain relief pills weren’t natural at all. They were made in a lab. She started to seek a more natural remedy and was recommended CBD oil by a friend who was experiencing anxiety.

After researching CBD oil, the lady decided on 3000mg of CBD oil per month. She began taking 30MG per day and discovered that this helped her condition. There were no side effects and the back pain resided.

She also noted that by using CBD oil, her cognitive abilities were boosted as well as her overall mood.

CBD oil can offer many benefits including pain relief. If you are experiencing any pain then take a look at CBD oil. It is natural and effective because of its anti-inflammatory properties.


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