About Us

How did we get into grow lights?

My background is in LED lighting. I was part of a very successful LED retailer so was aware of the massive benefits that LEDs offer. Initially, LEDs offered an energy efficiency where the output (lumens) vastly outweighed the watts (energy consumed). Now, LEDs are progressing even further as we enter into the realm of Bluetooth enabled LED lighting which can be controlled networked and controlled using smartphones. Things are really exciting in the LED lighting industry at the minute.

A lot of what we see in the LED lighting industry will be applicable for LED grow lights. For example, bluetooth lights where many LEDs can be controlled at once. Or a series of LED lights that use DALI systems to create a network of lights and tuneable lights where the output light can be altered using a smartphone.

All these have implications for those of us that grow plants indoors using LED grow lights. or example, you can not only amend lights within a controlled environment but you can also start to alter the light waves emitted. Pretty cool stuff.

Why do we do this?

One of my oldest friends got diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This is a crippling illness that affects many people. I alone know a handful of people who have MS. One night, I was talking to my friend who was asking where he could get hold of a particular strain of marijuana which helped alleviate his MS symptoms. There were too many side effects with prescription medicine and he preferred the natural remedies much more.

I didn’t really have a clue and didn’t like the thought of a vulnerable man going out to randomly buy marijuana from a local, unknown dealer.

I suggested growing weed in his house (he’s pretty much house bound now) and neither us of really knew how so I started to do some research for him. I got interested and knew a fair bit about LED lights so decided to help a brother out and well, here we are…

Is growing marijuana illegal?

Yes. Even when growing for medicinal purposes growing marijuana is illegal. In fact, growing marijuana for medicinal purposes or otherwise is generally frowned upon. Nowhere on this website are we condoning growing marijuana. You need to check your local law enforcement/government bodies as to the legality of growing marijuana.

We cannot accept any responsibility for you if you break any laws. If in doubt, don’t grow marijuana. We cannot understate this enough. It simply isn’t worth it