Introducing: LED Grow Lights – what you need to know

LED grow lights for growing weed

LED grow lights are perfect for growing weed

There is lots of information about LED grow lights and the massive benefits they offer for growing weed. Many people who grow weed at home using grow lights, do so for the medicinal purposes that marijuana offers. This website aims to help growers of weed for medicinal purposes.

Grow lamps are now becoming increasingly popular with commercial and home growers to produce fantastic crops quicker than ever before.

I have personally been studying grow lights and associated technology for a number of years. I’d like to share some of what I’ve discovered with you today so any budding home horticulturists out there can benefit from the revolutionary benefits of this technology.

What are LED grow lights?

marijuana plant growing stageLED grow lights are a more energy efficient light than standard halogen grow lights. Most of the lights produced now are LEDs and they are quickly becoming the standard type of grow light. The LEDs used in LED grow lights use the same technology as standard, traditional halogen grow lightsing. Although they are now the most popular type of grow light, you need to be careful what you buy because not all grow lights are the same.

How to choose the best LED grow light

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Why are LEDs grow lights better than other grow lights?

Most people know that light waves come in a variety of light colours (which is where we get rainbows from) and that each light colour has a different wavelength. Blue light has a shorter wavelength than red for example. Conventional electric lighting emits colours simultaneously before combing together to form the white light that we see.

An LED can emit light of one or a number of particular colours so the wavelengths can be much more focused. This is one of the main benefits of using LED grow lights to grow weeds as we can give the marijuana plant exactly what it wants in terms of light.

What colours should an LED grow light have?

Why are grow lights better than sunlight?

cannabis plants require both blue and red light

Marijuana likes lots of blue and red light

The natural assumption is that natural sunlight is best for plant growth. This makes sense because plants have evolved over millions of years. In nature crops fail. It happens. For example, if a plant is exposed to too much yellow light (yellow wavelength), it can cause serious damage and even kill the plant. Plants, in fact, do not use all the wavelengths in the same quantities. Therefore, it makes sense that we emit just the light that plants actually use and reduce the less beneficial light.

Depending on the types of plants you are growing, you can specifically tailor the wavelengths produced to help the plant grow. Some plants require more of one wavelength than others so you can specifically make certain targeted plants grow faster and produce better fruits/crops.

Marijuana, for example, requires lots of blue and red light. When growing weed, we will focus on lots of blue and red light with a bit of the other colours in the mix.

Scientific studies have shown that many plants will grow normally if given both red and blue light. However, many studies indicate that red and blue light only provides the most cost-efficient method of growth, plant growth is still better under light supplemented with green. So, an optimum mixture of these colours will achieve the best growth.

LED grow lights were once expensive but are now much pro cost effective to the point where many crops of the future will be grown using grow lights as opposed to natural sunlight. With grow lights, farmers can produce crops quicker, cheaper and with a higher yield than using natural sunlight.

Why LED grow lights are better at growing weed than standard grow lights

colours that plants require for photosynthesis

Plants use blue/red light for photosynthesis

Scientists have discovered that plants actually make “decisions” about how to grow based on the wavelength of light they receive. When growing weed, you can use colour to trigger a plant into flowering.

Most grow lights emit all colours of the spectrum. When you use LED grow lights, you have full control over the spectrum of light emitted.

This also means you can change the balance of light the plant receives at different stages of a plants growth. The plant not only receives the full amount of useable light, it also gets the exact balance of light at its particular stages of growth.

How grow lights can help you control plant growth

When a plant grows in natural sunlight, the type of light it receives tells the plant a lot about what’s going on in the world around it. For example, during the spring and summer, more blue light hits the earth because the sun is closer to the earth. The type of light changes over the seasons which tells the plants what to do i.e. grow fast, bud/seed, drop leaves. So, by using LED grow lights and controlling the type of light that the plant is exposed to at certain points in its growth cycle, we can control when it grows, seeds and comes to the end of its life.

Grow lights with a blue dominance

Grow lights that emit a higher percentage of blue light tend to produce plants that are shorter and have smaller, thicker and darker green leaves compared to plants grown with a lower percentage of blue light. Blue light is normally used during the period of growth between germination and flowering which is known as the vegetative phase of plant development. During the vegetative phase, plants are busy carrying out photosynthesis and accumulating resources that will be needed for flowering and reproduction.

Indoor hydroponic growers tend to replicate spring and early summer with this type of light.

Grow lights with a red dominance

As summer moves through to autumn/fall and the sun is further away from the earth, more of the red wavelength light hits earth. As the plant receives more red light, it knows that winter is approaching and its time to prepare. Therefore, many plants will grow longer stems and grow as tall as possible before flowering so its seeds can be spread in the upcoming autumn winds.

Grow lights that emit red light can promote rapid growth just before encouraging the plant to flower and produce seeds.

Why are grow lights are so effective?

In nature, we see different colours/wavelengths of light available over the growing and flowering lifecycle months of a plant. This natural cycle may take 6-8 months. By using grow lights, we can replicate this natural cycle in a number of months. We can take seeds to flowering plants in a fraction of the time and with better, more consistent results. No bad weather, natural disasters, pests or competing vegetation.

Growing plants using LED grow lights is the perfect way to grow plants quicker, more consistently and with a greater yield than any other way.

What are the other benefits of LED grow lights?

  1. They last longer than conventional grow lights – so it costs you less to grow more plants
  2. They do not emit as much heat as conventional grow lights so they are better for indoor use
  3. They do not use as much energy as conventional grow lights so your energy bills stay stable
  4. They can emit specific light colours unlike conventional grow lights which means you can optimise your plant growth/fruit yield

How to get started growing weed indoors

growing weed with LED grow lights

It’s easy to grow weed for medicinal use

It’s easy to get started growing weed indoors. First, you need to think about where you will be growing your plants and what type of plants you’ll be growing. This will determine the number of lights you require and the output of light required.

We would ideally recommend LED grow lights which are manufactured in the UK as they tend to be better quality than those imported directly from China. They are more consistent and offer an overall better light. It’s important not to compromise quality on LED grow lights because you want to ideally to get the biggest yield possible from your plants. Any extra invested in a good quality LED grow light will reap bigger rewards with an improved harvest.

Guide to growing weed indoors – Get started growing weed today!